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April 5, 2007

HBO Photos

Here are some recent photos of Taegan in the hyperbaric chamber as well as photos of the chamber itself. Taegan really enjoys the therapy... she sometimes cries when we have to get out of the chamber! She is always in good spirits after the treatments... perhaps it's a side effect? Enjoy the photos. The last photo is of her standing flat footed on her left leg. I am shifting her weight to the left so that she HAS to weight bare through that leg and foot, as she still will not do it on her own. I'm sure it's awkward for her since all she's ever known how to do is stand on her tippy-toes on the left foot. I hope her progress continues to be as wonderful as it has been to date.

1 comment:

jan P said...

lovely to see Taegan FINALLY there! she looks like a little cosmonaut LOL didnt realize u were going to be there for a month .. hope all is going well! you'll be ready 4 a break after this . . . lots of love to Miss T