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October 29, 2007

Casting Update

Casting is going well. Taegan is in her 3rd set of casts this week. The doctor is pleased with her progress so far. Hopefully she will only need two more sets of casts in order for her range of motion to be where they would like it.

She was fitted for a new pair of AFO orthotics (leg braces) last Friday. Once casting is completed, she will hopefully be able to start wearing her AFO's on a regular basis.

This week she has had to wear a knee brace on her left leg at night while sleeping. Her leg muscles were beginning to shorten due to her keeping her legs pulled up close to her for a prolonged period of time.

She's still able to participate in all of her therapies during casting which has been a blessing.

Cramping only proved to be a problem during the first week and a half of the casting process, so I'm also thankful that it has tapered off and she is able to have restful sleep.

More updates soon....

October 9, 2007

Casting This Week

I wanted to update everyone on Taegan's progress.

Taegan caught a pretty bad viral infection (are there any good ones? LOL) 3 weeks ago and is still on the mend, recuperating from that. She missed a week and a half of school and therapies, which threw off her whole routine. She was able to receive the Botox injections 2 weeks ago, and we are just now beginning to see the effects.

She is no longer able to stand or walk, as it is extremely painful for her to place any weight on her left leg. We believe this is happening because the Botox is relaxing that left calf muscle enough now that Taegan is no longer able to depend on the high tone, or tightness of that muscle to bear weight on (usually up on her tip toes.) It's a muscle that she has never been able to use before which now that it is loosening up, is obviously weak from never having been used.

It is probably quite sore as well. Taegan has been saying "foot ow" quite frequently in the past week. Last night I heard her saying "ohhh please... please foot... no foot...please." My heart aches for her, that she is having to experience such things. But really, it is good that this is happening, because it means changes are occurring in her muscles which will hopefully allow her to have more functional use of her legs.

The Botox can last anywhere between 3 to 6 months. It is different for everyone. So, she could receive another dose in 3 months if needed. Most likely, she will need to have this treatment on a regular basis, especially during growth spurts, as the muscles will lengthen and tighten during periods of growth.

Serial casting was supposed to occur last Friday, the 5th. Taegan was still too sick at that time, so casting will take place this Friday, the 12th. I am apprehensive about casting, but realize it is necessary to hopefully achieve the outcome we desire. I'm just worried that since she is already having complaints of her foot hurting, when it is casted it is going to cause even more discomfort and cramping.

Over the weekend, Taegan's foot was hurting her so badly that she screamed when Gramma tried to take off her shoe. She was so sensitive, she pushed away my hand and said 'No!' when I attempted to feel for swelling etc.

On the brighter side, she was in wonderful spirits Monday after school. She really enjoys school and is a much more pleasant child when it's part of her weekly routine. :-)

In other news, I am busy planning the spaghetti dinner benefit for Taegan. It should be either the first or second Saturday in March. This benefit will help pay for our accommodations while we stay in North Carolina for our final round of 120 HBO sessions in April. Watch Taegan's blog space for further details.

Thanks to everyone for keeping Taegan in your thoughts and prayers as she goes through this difficult month ahead of serial casting.