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February 22, 2007

Fundraiser Pics

These pictures were taken last Saturday during Taegan's fundraiser at the Chick-fil-A. The weather didn't cooperate as much as we would have liked until late in the afternoon, but we still had a pretty good turn out. Thank you to everyone who helped make the day a success! We should know the total amount that was raised during this benefit by next week. I'll keep you posted...

Unhappy Taegan (she had little sleep the night before, per her usual!)

Her best attempt at a nap....

Looking out the window with Gramma....She enjoyed watching the cars drive by after exiting the drive-through window.

Later that night, a more happy Taegan appeared....

February 16, 2007


Just a reminder... The Chick-fil-A benefit for Taegan is THIS SATURDAY, February 17th. For all the local readers, it is the Chick-fil-A in front of the Greenwood Meijer on State Road 135 and Main Street. We're hoping this fundraiser will generate enough interest/funds for Taegan to finally be able to receive the hyperbaric oxygen treatments this spring!!!! Please help us make that a reality for her! Many Blessings....

Recent Appointments

Taegan had several doctor appointments recently. Her eye exam went really well. No new changes with her eyes this time around. She still has an astigmatism in both eyes which will probably require glasses in a few years. The ophthalmologist said it was difficult to determine depth perception problems in children this young, and he could probably better test her for that when she was closer to five years old. She doesn't have crossed eyes or a lazy eye, in which depth perception is a problem with both of those conditions typically.

I still think she's having some kind of vision issue because she does not see things on her high chair tray that are closest to her. Also, when she is walking, she fails to see things in her path closest to her, and stumbles over them frequently. For example, if she is walking by the couch and people are seated on it, she will trip every time over their feet, as if she doesn't see them there.

Her Occupational Therapist mentioned the possibility of vision therapy and more vision testing that can be done for children Taegan's age. I'll probably pursue that possibility.

I took Taegan for Xrays of her hips this past week. We should find out the results on February 26th when we meet with the physiatrist.

Taegan's appointment with the ear, nose, throat (ENT) doctor was less successful. The doctor was very nice and personable. However, he was unable to give us any guidance on what the next step should be in remedying her sleep apnea. The sleep study test that was performed on Taegan back in December did not provide enough details for the ENT to determine a course of treatment. The ENT said he would make some phone calls to the sleep lab physicians who read the test results and see if he could find anything more conclusive and then he'd give me a call. Still waiting on that call......

I'm extremely frustrated that we wasted our time on that sleep study, and spent(accrued more medical debt!) $3,300 for a test that failed to provide enough details to determine a further course of treatment for Taegan. I'm even more infuriated that Taegan had to endure such discomfort and distress for no reason...why did we bother having it done if the test couldn't provide adequate details for further treatment options? I'm sure the sleep study test CAN be given in a manner that DOES allow adequate and accurate recorded information that CAN be beneficial in determining a proper course of treatment. Unfortunately, the facility where we had Taegan's sleep study done wasn't able to provide that.

I think I should start a support group for parents of children who require frequent medical care/appointments. Seriously! Two and a half years of constantly seeing specialists and added doctor visits due to prematurity and the plethora of problems Taegan has faced has really been an 'experience,' to say the least! Until you live it, I don't think anyone can possibly understand the frustration it causes and the energy it drains from you. I have often remarked that even though I am not working at the present time, I have been busier and more exhausted than I have ever been, even when I was working full time!

More updates to follow....