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July 28, 2007

Second Set of 40 HBO Sessions Completed

Taegan finished up her second set of 40 HBO treatments on Thursday morning at Miracle Mountain in North Carolina.
We ended up having to stay a few extra days because we missed 4 sessions due to bad head colds (both of us.)

This time I noticed an increase in her speech and an increased awareness of her surroundings. Also, her social skills appeared to improve, as she actually engaged in play with other children there at the clinic. It was so wonderful to witness that. She is definitely more 'spirited' and filled with an abundance of energy. So many small things improved this time around, which really have filled my heart with joy. One evening, I opened the car door to get Taegan from her car seat, and she looked directly at me in the eye and smiled the sweetest smile. I'm sure that doesn't sound too significant to those of you who don't know Taegan well, but it really was a major milestone in my book.

There are so many more instances I revel in, and I wrote them all down in a journal to keep for her as she grows. I imagine one day she will read through them and appreciate how far she's come, and all the achievements she attained.

She has been able to express more verbally during and after this round of HBO. She is speaking several 2 and 3 word sentences now. She put her arms around my neck last week and said "I give kiss." and leaned in and gently kissed my lips. She then pulled back and said, again while looking in my eyes, "I give hug." and squeezed my neck as tight as she could. Of course I turned into a puddle right then and there! It was such an amazing feeling to experience my child EXPRESSING her WANTS in intelligible words appropriately! She's continued to do this almost daily, which I am so thankful for indeed.

We'll be returning to Miracle Mountain at the end of November for our 3rd set of 40 treatments. Our 4th round of 40 will be completed by the middle of May next year.

I purchased a wonderful documentary video that was put together by the Discovery Channel called "The Healing Chamber." It is an in depth look at how hyperbaric oxygen is being used to treat various illnesses and diseases, including brain injury (like Cerebral Palsy.) Hopefully I can upload it and provide a link for everyone to be able to view it if you're interested.

There will be a car show to benefit Taegan on Sunday, July 29th from noon to 6pm in the parking lot of the Lone Star restaurant off US 31 South in Greenwood. All proceeds will be donated to Taegan's fund. This car show is for all car buffs and car enthusiasts. Anyone can enter their car into the show for a minimum registration fee of $5.

I am planning to organize a spaghetti dinner and/or pancake breakfast to benefit Taegan's fund in order to help pay for the housing facilities and car rental we will need for our next two HBO sessions (housing for one month, each session.) If anyone has any suggestions/tips/advice, please contact me! :-)

Taegan will begin preschool on August 13th. We have a boatload of appointments between now and then... geneticist, orthotics, neuropsychologist, OT, PT, SLP, CST etc. Summer has flown by... it's hard to believe it will be over soon!

Thank you to all of you who continually check in on us... we truly do appreciate it!

Enjoy the rest of summer 2007.....