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November 30, 2007

Another Round of HBOT Underway

Taegan finished her series of serial casting in mid November. She had 4 total sets of casts by the time the process was complete. It went very well. Both of her ankles are within normal ranges of movement. The physiatrist has suggested a possible regimen of Botox injections every three months. I’m hoping the hyperbaric oxygen treatments will help to maintain her range of motion in her leg muscles and perhaps we wont have to have any more injections of Botox. She might have to continue with serial casting after large growth spurts throughout her adolescence.

Taegan and I made another 10 hour trek by car out to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where she is receiving another round of hyperbaric oxygen treatments. She’s completed six dives so far (as I type this) and already, her speech is flourishing. It always amazes me how quickly the oxygen begins to work wonders in her body. I hope these improvements can be maintained after we complete this round of 40 treatments. I’m also anticipating more improvements in her muscle tone/range of motion, especially in her legs. After our July session of HBO treatments, she made significant improvements in her range of motion in her legs. (Read previous posts from July/August for specific measurements of improvement in her range of motion.)

We’ll be finishing up this round of HBO treatments a few days before Christmas and then we will return in April for her last session of the 120 HBOT program. I’m organizing a spaghetti dinner/bake sale/auction for March 8th in an effort to raise enough money for the lodging and transportation etc. that we will need for that session.

Award winning composer/keyboardist/soundescape artist Jan Pulsford has once again generously offered several of her Christmas compositions up for download in the “download and donate” section of Taegan’s website.

Jan’s main website can be found at

We hope everyone enjoys a happy holiday season. May you all have a blessed 2008, filled with an abundance of love, laughter and peace.