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October 29, 2007

Casting Update

Casting is going well. Taegan is in her 3rd set of casts this week. The doctor is pleased with her progress so far. Hopefully she will only need two more sets of casts in order for her range of motion to be where they would like it.

She was fitted for a new pair of AFO orthotics (leg braces) last Friday. Once casting is completed, she will hopefully be able to start wearing her AFO's on a regular basis.

This week she has had to wear a knee brace on her left leg at night while sleeping. Her leg muscles were beginning to shorten due to her keeping her legs pulled up close to her for a prolonged period of time.

She's still able to participate in all of her therapies during casting which has been a blessing.

Cramping only proved to be a problem during the first week and a half of the casting process, so I'm also thankful that it has tapered off and she is able to have restful sleep.

More updates soon....

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