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January 18, 2007

Therapy Update, etc.

Taegan's therapy meetings went really well this week and last. She again qualifies for services through our states early intervention program, called First Steps.

Her Physical Therapy sessions were increased to 75 minutes per visit, and her Developmental Therapy sessions were increased to 1x/wk instead of 2x/month. Also, Occupational Therapy services will be 2x/month. Nutrition services will stay at 1x/month, and Speech Therapy remains at 1x/week as well. She's still receiving CranioSacral Therapy weekly as well (privately).

For her OT sessions, she will be able to receive that through the same facility where she is doing private Physical Therapy (in addition to First Steps Physical Therapy). She will be able to do hippotherapy during her OT treatments as well, which I am thrilled about, and I'm sure Taegan will be excited, as she absolutely loves having therapy there. She just lights up and participates in therapy so well while she's on the horse.

A representative from our local school district met with me as well and explained a bit about how the special needs preschool program works. Taegan will be transitioning out of the First Steps program in June when she turns 3, and will attend the special needs preschool program beginning in August.

Even though I worked in a special needs preschool setting for 5 years, it is still scary to think about MY CHILD going off to school! It seems like it was yesterday that I brought her home from her month long NICU stay, weighing 5lbs 5oz. Just thinking about how much she's grown brings a tear to my eye.

I'm pleased with how her therapies are going... it's a slow process with Taegan, but I know we'll get there. If we could get her tone issues resolved, I know she'd just take off in her PT sessions. I am anxious to see how HBO treatments affect not only her muscle tone, but her SPEECH as well. I've read many reports about non-verbal children speaking after ONE session of HBO treatment. So yeah, I have high hopes.... but I'm also realistic, and know that if it doesn't happen for Taegan that way, it's ok. It will happen when she's ready and when it's supposed to happen.

It's just so frustrating for me (and I'm sure for Taegan as well) when she cannot communicate her needs. She had a really rough couple of nights this week. One night, she was up crying every few minutes until 7:40am! She kept saying "Owie" and rocking herself in her crib. I tried everything I knew to help her... and nothing could comfort her enough to stop her tears. I asked her where it hurt... where was the owie.... in many different ways. "Show mommy your owie Taegan..." Nothing. "Tell mommy yes or no.. Does your tummy hurt? Does your head hurt?" Nothing. "Touch where it hurts Taegan." Nothing. "Shake your head yes or no Taegan.... " Nada. She is able to shake her head no, but isn't consistent with that unless she adamantly does not want something you're offering or suggesting (meal times come to mind here!)

Since she's started back on the Prevacid(to help manager her reflux) last week, she's developed an aversion to medicines. That includes all flavors of Tylenol. You'd think she was being stuck with a needle or something the way she fusses while getting her to take that Prevacid! It's not even that bad of a taste!

So, now apparently, she associates all 'medicine' with the Prevacid experience, and it's like a full fledged wrestling match trying to get her to swallow it. Oy!! So, here it is, 3am the other night, and I'm trying to get her to take some Tylenol, hoping that whatever it was that was ailing her would be eased with the Tylenol. It didn't seem to help any... It's times like those that I wish I were a mind reader. It's frustrating and tears at my heart to see her in pain, especially since she cannot tell me what her needs are, ever!

We've been working really hard with this in Speech Therapy. Hopefully she'll be able to communicate her needs one day.

I've scheduled an appointment with a pediatric ENT out on the west side of Indy for February 8th. I suspect he'll want to remove her tonsils and adenoids to see if that corrects her sleep apnea. Sedation is so scary, in my opinion... especially for kiddos so young. But if it needs done, we'll do it.

In other news... we're about $1,400 shy of reaching our goal of $4,400 for Taegan to be able to receive the hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

More updates to follow soon....