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November 6, 2006

Night Splint

Great news! Taegan's night splint for her left foot is finally finished! Finding pajamas with an enclosed foot that would fit over the splint proved to be futile, so we're going to try putting a large sock over the splint, in the hopes that she will be unable to remove the splint at night.

She is to wear it every night to bed. It is supposed to help prevent muscle contracture of her left foot/ankle. If a contracture were to occur, there is nothing that you can do to correct it. Her foot would be 'stuck,' or contracted in one position forever if that were to happen.

The orthotist said her foot had lost range since the last time in the office (approximately one month ago), so it appears we got the splint just in time!

Wish us luck with Taegan being able to tolerate it and leaving it on all night long! She is such a restless sleeper, I imagine it might be a challenge until she gets used to it.

In other news, Taegan's pediatrician is scheduling a sleep study for Taegan sometime soon (we're waiting on a phone call to tell us when/where etc.) As most of you know, Taegan had apnea shortly after her birth, and had to wear an apnea monitor until 12 months of age. We had thought that was mostly due to her issues with reflux, but it seems that it might be unrelated at this point. Many times during Taegan's times of sleep, I will hear her gasping for breath over the baby monitor. So, I'll sleep easier once that is resolved.

Taegan's new AFO's are working out well for her too! She hasn't even attempted to take them off yet! Amazing!! I'll take some pictures with her wearing them and post them soon.

Much love to all of Taegan's earth angels......

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Anonymous said...

So cute! Keep her AFO's and other things so, you can look back on things when she gets older! My mom did that for me and it is so cool to have them! Hope your days are going Great!

All my love,