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October 14, 2006

Divine Intervention & The Kindness of a Stranger

A few weeks ago, a complete stranger from Bluffton, Ohio heard about Taegan's situation and offered us the use of his portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber. It was Divine Intervention at its finest!

My mother, Taegan and I drove out to Bluffton (50 miles south of Toledo) and picked up the chamber with the intention of having Taegan receive 40 one hour sessions. It didn't quite work out that way, unfortunately.

After 9 treatments, I came down with a nasty upper respiratory illness and was unable to accompany Taegan into the chamber. I tried to, thinking it was just allergies, and unfortunately, blew out both my ear drums in the process.

Shawn tried, but was too tall for the chamber. Mom couldn't do it because of a sinus infection. My friend tried and Taegan wouldn't cooperate on that occasion. Shortly after that failed attempt, my friend came down with a cold as well. One of my mother's friends was able to accompany Taegan into the chamber for 2 additional treatments. Once I was on the mend, Taegan came down with a cold!!! It just seemed like a lost cause for a while! Taegan was able to receive 11 total treatments before we had to return the chamber to it's owner.

We have seen remarkable changes in Taegan after only 11 treatments in the soft shell chamber! Her high muscle tone in her left leg has decreased some, enough for her to stand flat footed occasionally. She has shown increased initiative to stand on her own and attempt steps independently! Her speech has improved dramatically as well! She babbles constantly now, and we've even heard a few 3 word sentences come from out of nowhere! Of course, we've never heard them repeated, but we did hear them!! One that she has said in the presence of one of her therapists was "I did it!" It almost brought tears to my eyes to hear her speaking like a 2 year old should.

What this experience has provided us with is HOPE. Witnessing these changes in our daughter after only 11 treatments in a SOFT SHELL chamber (which has 32% oxygen as compared to HARD SHELL chambers in a clinic, that offer 100% oxygen), we cannot wait to see the changes that will occur with Taegan after 40 treatments in a hard shell chamber!! I am so thrilled to have found the Cole Center for Healing in Cincinnati. They offer 40 treatments in a hard shell chamber for $4,400. That is so much more attainable than $10,000!!!

We tried to apply for a loan last week for that amount, but were denied. That was not a big surprise. These last 2 1/2 years without me working have taken a toll on us financially. But, I have faith that things will all work out as they should... all in divine timing.

I'd like to publicly thank Donald and Carol Augsburger of Bluffton, OH for their kindness and generosity. They donated the use of their soft shell hyperbaric oxygen chamber to Taegan for 3 1/2 weeks. Thank you for being one of Taegan's Earth Angels, and for providing us with renewed faith in the kindness of strangers. Thank you for allowing us to experience the joy of renewed hope - - that Taegan will eventually be able to live a full life, having the complete use of her legs!

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